Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

At Dean’s Landscaping, we offer a complete landscape maintenance package for commercial properties and residential estates. Dean’s Landscaping has many years of experience in commercial and residential landscape maintenance. Our commercial landscape customers range from restaurants, small shopping plazas, apartments and HOA’s, all the way up to large properties such as the Dayton Mall.

We strive to exceed your expectations for your property and maintain your landscaping to reach its fullest potential.

Landscape Maintenance Services:

– Mulching
– Mowing
– Lawn Renovation
– Aerating and Slice Seeding
– Lawn Treatment
– Spring and Fall Clean-Up
– Pruning of Ornamental Plants and Trees
– Seasonal Floral Displays

Dean’s Landscaping employs certified Ohio Department of Agriculture licensed commercial applicators.

Complete Landscape Maintenance Package Includes:

Spring Clean-up and Mulching

– Deep clean crisp edges
– Thorough cleaning of sticks, weeds, winter debris
– Trim and cut back any grasses or perennials
– Trimming of landscape plants and ornamental trees
– Spraying or hand pulling weeds
– Apply pre-emergent herbicide (weed preventer)
– Apply plant fertilizer in beds to improve and extend life of plants
– Install natural Hardwood Gold Mulch (other varieties and colors are available upon request)
– Floral displays for flower pots and planting beds to provide annual color


– Spring start-up and inspection/repair of irrigation lines and spray heads
– Periodic inspections throughout season to insure the proper operation of system
– Winterization of irrigation system in the fall

Lawn Treatment Program

– Early spring pre-emergent herbicide for crab grass control
– Late spring broadleaf weed treatment and fertilizer application
– Mid-summer insecticide application for grub control
– Late summer broadleaf weed treatment and fertilizer application
– Late fall fertilization to supply roots with necessary nutrients for overwintering

Lawn Renovation Services

– Slice seeding/over-seeding to encourage new growth or thicken existing lawn
– Aeration of existing lawn to reduce compaction
– Complete renovation includes grading of lawn and sod or seed installation

Pruning of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

– Pruning of any ornamental trees and shrubs, twice per year or per the contract
– Winter rejuvenation pruning of trees and shrubs that have overgrown their space

Mowing/Weekly Maintenance

– Mowing all turf areas
– Trimming around all obstacles
– Edging all sidewalk curbs, driveways
– Blowing off all pavements and beds
– Spraying or hand pulling weeds in beds
– Spraying weeds in cracks and joints in concrete, blacktop, and pavers
– Remove any debris in lawn or landscape beds
– Checking for any diseases in lawn, shrubs, and trees

Fall Clean-up

– Clean-up and removal of leaves and debris located throughout the property
– Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses
– Prune any trees or shrubs as necessary

Let’s get started on your dream landscape.

Landscape Design

Great landscaping can take many forms: grand or modest, formal or casual. It is whatever works for you and your family. In all cases, it’s a place where you can relax, entertain friends, and reconnect with nature.

A Dean’s Landscaping design will enhance the value and beauty of your property. Whether it’s renovating old and overgrown landscaping or starting new, Dean’s landscaping makes the process effortless and worry-free.

We listen to your ideas and create a design that fits your needs and your budget. If you are the customer who is not sure of what you want, we can start from scratch or implement a design off of your own creative ideas. With all of Dean’s Landscaping designs, it’s not just a matter of designing structures and plantings, it’s also about your grading, drainage and irrigation needs.

Landscape Design Services Include:

– New Construction
– Renovate Existing Landscape
– Seeding and Sodding
– Bed Clean-up and Mulching
– Outdoor Living Spaces
– Retaining Walls and Pavers
– Dry Creek Beds and Rock and Boulder-Scaping
– Arbors, Pergolas and Decorative Structures

*Dean’s Landscaping offers mulch-blowing services, you prepare the site and we will blow the mulch in.

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